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Adventore sports there cannot be a better way to learn certain things then adventure sports. It helps in development of abilities like teamwork risk taking & rislk management, contingency planning, strategic planning patience, preservance, tactical handling, optimism countering failures etc er zero campos Zero campus is very useful & powerful tool for the students & parents to provide online homework, explaining the subject matter to support classroom learning & to enhance comprehension of the subject in a easy way.

Orion the "Rising star". Orion is the constellation of stars in the eastern sky, highly revered by our ancestors for its unique position in the mythology for being ahead of times and its leadership qualities. Orion is symbolic of advance intimation of dawn & elimination of darkness.

Colorful atmosphere, beautifully designed classrooms where lifetime learning begins and nurturing the tender minds with creativity.

The open air auditorium is a fantastically designed place for shows and various other activities, having a capacity of 3000 students.


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